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What is Base32?

Base32 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that represents binary data in a printable ASCII format. It uses a 32-character set consisting of the letters A-Z and the digits 2-7 to represent the binary data. Each character in the encoded string represents 5 bits of data. Base32 encoding often use for transmitting data in environments that may not reliably transmit data with binary or non-printable characters, such as email or chat messages. For the conversion of Base32 Encode and Decode, you can use our online Base32 Encoder Decoder free tool.

What is Base32 encoding and decoding?

In Base32 encoding, each group of 5 bits of the original data converts into a single symbol from the 32-symbol set. The resulting encoded string is longer than the original binary data but can transmit or store as text.

Here’s an example of how Base32 encoding works:

Let’s say we want to encode the binary data “11011010 10110110 11110000” using Base32 encoding. We can break this data into groups of 5 bits:


Each group of 5 bits can represent by a single symbol in the Base32 set:

| Z| 9| u| 2| 2| T| 9| u| X| X| Q| =| =|

So the resulting Base32 encoded string would be “Z9u22T9uXXQ==”, which is 16 characters long.

In Base32 decoding, the process simply reversed. Each symbol converts back into its corresponding 5 bits of binary data, which can then combine to reconstruct the original data.

How to decode a Base32 encoded string online?

Use our online Decode Base32 encoding, you just need to paste your encoded string in the given text area above. Click on the Decode button and you will get the Decoded Base32 string.

How does Base32 encode/decode tool work?

The online Base32 encode/decode is a tool that is available for free to use and designed for the conversion of Base32 code to desired options. To use this free online tool, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Paste the text or string in the given textarea above.
  • Click on the desired (“Encode”, “Decode”) button.
  • You will get the desired string or text in the next textarea.

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