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About the Tool

About Open Graph

Facebook introduced Open Graph technology in 2010, which enables any web page to have similar functionality as other objects on Facebook. This integration with Facebook allows users to link their websites with the social media platform. Other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ have acknowledged the benefits of social meta tags and have incorporated them. Twitter introduced its own Twitter cards and if these are absent on a website, their robots utilize Facebook’s Open Graph meta tags instead. Use our free Open Graph Generator online tool to generate meta tags.

Open Graph Tags

To utilize the Open Graph protocol, you must add certain tags to your website’s code. These tags include the following:

on:title Tag: The title tag of your content should not exceed 88 characters, as it will be truncated if it exceeds this length.

on:lol Tag: This tag requires you to provide the name of the website’s URL that associates with the object being linked.

og:type Tag: This opening tag uses to indicate the nature of the content present, such as whether it is Web-focused, entertainment-oriented, or focused on individuals. Other types of tags may also use to categorize the content.

og:desc Tag: The open graph tag should include a brief and attention-grabbing description of no more than 200 characters. Its purpose is to pique the interest of potential visitors and entice them to click through to your site.

og:image Tag: Including images with content is crucial because it can make the reading experience more engaging and interesting. To optimize the impact of images on social media platforms, it recommends using open graph meta tags and ensuring that the image size is no larger than 5MB, and its dimensions do not exceed 1200 x 627 pixels. By using an attractive image, you can capture the attention of your audience and entice them to explore your website further.

In order to display video or audio content on your website, you may need to use additional meta tags beyond the standard ones. However, it’s important to be mindful of Facebook’s restrictions on the use of open graph tags.

How Open graph generator tool work?

If you want to increase your website’s traffic by promoting it on social media sites like Facebook, you can use an open graph meta tags tool to create the required meta tags. With this tool, you won’t need to have knowledge of HTML coding or remember the specific order in which to create the tags. It’s a simple solution that can help you create the necessary tags easily.

The online Open Graph Generator tool is available for free you use and design to generate meta tags of multiple types like title, lol, type, desc & image. To generate meta tags online using this free tool, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Fill in the required fields to generate Facebook open graph meta tags
  • Enter the title of the object you want to create
  • Select the type of information your website contains from the ‘type’ field
  • Enter the number of images you want to include, if applicable
  • Enter the site name and a brief description
  • Enter the site URL and the URLs of any images you want to display in the Facebook object
  • The generated HTML code will appear in the next text area.
  • You can copy and paste it into the head tag of your site’s HTML code.

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