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What is XML?

XML is a markup language that people use to store and transport data. It encodes documents according to a set of rules that make them readable by both humans and machines. XML widely use to exchange data between different systems and platforms because it is a platform-independent language. It commonly uses for storing and exchanging data in web services, configuration files, and many other applications. XML documents consist of elements, attributes, and values that define the structure and meaning of the data. Therefore, use our HTML Table to XML tool to convert your HTML data into XML format.

What is HTML to table converter tool?

HTML table to XML converter is an online free tool that allows users to convert an HTML table into an XML format. Also, It is a simple and efficient tool that helps convert HTML table data into an XML document. With this tool, users can easily extract data from an HTML table and convert it into a structured format that can be easily shared and processed. Moreover, The XML file can be used to import data into other applications or for data analysis purposes.

How does this free online HTML to XML converter tool work?

XML is a widely used format for data exchange between systems, as it provides a standardized structure for data that can be easily read and processed by various applications. Similarly, this free online  HTML to XML converter tool simplifies the process of converting HTML to XML format. To convert the HTML to XML format, use the following steps below:

  • Copy/paste or upload the HTML code in the above text area
  • Select the desired options from the “Option” button of your choice
  • Click on the “Convert” button to convert HTML data to XML format
  • You will get the results in the new text area below

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What are the benefits of using this free online HTML to XML converter tool?

Here are some benefits of using this free online converter tool:

  • This tool can save time and effort in converting the HTML to XML format
  • This tool is faster and more efficient.
  • This is accessible to anyone via an internet connection
  • Moreover, This tool simplifies the process of conversion.



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