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What is a URL Slug?

A URL Slug is part of a URL that is located at the end and acts as the specific address for a page on your website. It is a representation of the words in the URL, and it is important to keep it concise and descriptive (1-5 words) to make the content accessible to users and improve SEO. To generate URL Slug use our online Slug Generator free tool.

What is an online Slug Generator?

An online URL Slug Generator is a free tool which use to convert words or text into an SEO-friendly URL Slug. It helps to optimize the website’s ranking and make it readable by both humans and search engines.

How to Generate URL Slug Online through Generator?

To generate a URL Slug online, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Paste or enter the text in the given text area of our online free tool.
  • Click on the “Generate URL” button.
  • Our free online tool can handle multiple items by adding each item on a new line. Generated Slug (SEO Friendly URL)see in the next text area.

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