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What is a rename database SQL generator tool?

The online Rename Database SQL Generator is a free tool that simplifies the process of generating a SQL query for renaming a database name. To complete the rename process for a table in an SQL Server database, you can use a MySQL query to create a new table with the desired name and transfer the data from the old table.

How does a database SQL generator tool benefit us?

When programming, it is important to remember syntax and type required for each variable in order to correctly input the type required data into the system. It eliminates the need to memorize syntax and data types by allowing users to easily generate a SQL script online.

How to use an online SQL generator free tool?

You can easily generate SQL query online to rename a database name with this free online SQL generator tool in the following steps:

  • Enter the old database name and the new database name in the provided fields.
  • Click the “Generate SQL” button to generate the SQL query.
  • You can easily copy a generated SQL query from the next field.

Keep in mind that it is important to have admin privileges before renaming any database. Once a database is renamed, you can verify the change by using the SQL command “SHOW DATABASE;”.

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