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What is CRC?

CRC stands for cyclic redundancy check which uses a method to detect errors in digital networking and storage devices. It involves assigning a short reference value to blocks of data based on the remainder of their polynomial division, allowing for the detection of any accidental changes or corruption in the data. CRC can use to correct errors in data and also use in digital systems commonly. However, to find the CRC16 hash of a text or file, you can use an online CRC-16 Hash Generator free tool that performs the calculation based on the input provided.

What is CRC-16 (CRC16)?

CRC-16 is a specific type of cyclic redundancy check that uses a 17-bit polynomial length to generate a hash or fingerprint of a given input. Additionally, it uses for error detection purposes, not encryption, and cannot reverse to obtain the original input.

How does the online CRC-16 Hash Generator tool work?

The CRC-16 hash Generator online tool is available for free use and generates CRC16 hash online for the given text or file. To use our online CRC16 Generator free tool, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Paste your text or upload the file in the given text area.
  • Done with the first step? Click on the “Generate” button for the result.
  • The generated CRC-16 Hash will display in the next text area.

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How long is the CRC-16 string?

The CRC-16 algorithm generates a hash value that consists of 17 bits or 2 bytes. Moreover, this value commonly displays in either a 4-digit hexadecimal format or a 5-digit decimal format.

Example of CRC-16 Hash online

Input Data For CRC-16 Hash Generator:

Cyclic Redundancy Check 16 (CRC16) calculation

Output online CRC16 Hash: