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Result of Base91 encoding/decoding

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What is Base91?

Base91 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that represents binary data in ASCII characters. It creates an improvement over the Base64 encoding scheme, which uses a smaller character set. It can sometimes produce characters that are not safe to use in URLs or other contexts. Base91 uses 91 ASCII characters to represent binary data in a more compact way than Base64. For the conversion of Base91 Encode and Decode, you can use our online Base91 Encoder Decoder free tool.

In Base91, each character represents 13 bits of binary data, resulting in an efficiency of approximately 91% (compared to 75% for Base64). This makes Base91 a good choice for encoding large amounts of binary data that need to transmit or store in a text format. However, because Base91 is less common than Base64, it may not support by all systems or applications.

What is Base91 encoding and decoding?

Base91 encoding is similar to other popular encoding methods such as Base64 and Base58. The primary goal of Base91 is to encode binary data in a more efficient way than traditional encodings, while also being able to support a wider range of characters. Base91 works by taking binary data and converting it into a series of characters that can easily transmit over networks or stored in text-based files. The encoding process involves breaking the input data into 13-bit chunks and then converting each chunk into a base-91 representation. The resulting encoded data will typically be shorter than the original binary data, making it a more efficient way to store or transmit data.

To Decode Base91-encoded data, the process simply reversed. Each character converts back into its binary representation using a lookup table, and then the resulting binary data reassembles into its original form.

How to decode a Base91 encoded string online?

Use our online Decode Base91 encoding, you just need to paste your encoded string in the given text area above. Click on the Decode button and you will get the Decoded Base91 string.

How does Base91 encode/decode tool work?

This online Base91 encode/decode free tool allows for the conversion of Base91 code into various options, and it is available for anyone to use without charge. To utilize this tool, follow the straightforward steps provided below:

  • Paste the text or string in the given textarea above.
  • Click on the desired (“Encode”, “Decode”) button.
  • You will get the desired string or text in the next textarea.

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