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What are anchor links?

Anchor links refer to the visible text or words that appear as a hyperlink when linking to another document or location on the web. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use this anchor text to determine the topic of the linked source. To maximize search engine optimization (SEO), it’s best practice to ensure that the anchor text is relevant to the linked page rather than using generic text. Use our online Anchor Links Generator free tool to generate HTML links.

The anchor text is also called the link label or link title. The words within the anchor text play a role in determining the ranking of the linked page on search engines like Google. Links without anchor text, also known as naked URLs or URL anchor texts, are commonly found on the web.

What is Bulk Anchor Links Generator?

An online Bulk Links Generator free tool that makes it easy to merge a list of keywords and plain URLs into HTML links for web pages. You can then export these links to your website or use them for backlinks, such as posting them on websites, forums, or other platforms.

How to use the online Anchor Links Generator tool?

To use our Online Anchor Links Generator free tool, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Paste your list of keywords and URLs into the text areas provided.
  • Select the desired options and then click on the “Generate” button.
  • You will instantly receive the HTML links.

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Generated link

Result with a rel attribute:

<a href="www.sample.com" target="_blank" rel="tag">Generated link</a>