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What is the sha512?

SHA-512 or Secure Hash Algorithm (512-bit), is a type of cryptographic hash function that generates a 512-bit (64-byte) hash value from the input. Additionally, the resulting hash value typically displays as a 128-digit hexadecimal number. The primary use of SHA-512 is to verify the integrity of a file by generating a checksum before and after transmission to ensure that it has not been altered. Moreover, to generate an SHA-512 hash for a given word or text use our online SHA512 Hash Generator free tool.

It is important to note that SHA-512 is not a form of encryption, but rather a fingerprint of the input data. As a one-way process, it is exceedingly difficult to reverse engineer the original input data from the SHA-512 hash, which consists of 128 hexadecimal characters.

How does the online SHA512 Hash Generator tool work?

Our free online SHA512 hash generator tool is available for use and can generate hash SHA-512 passwords for text or files that are provided. Using the tool is easy and involves the following steps:

  • Paste your text or upload the file in the given text area.
  • After the first step click on the “Generate” button for the result.
  • The generated SHA512 output will display in the next text area.

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How long is the SHA512 string?

The SHA512 algorithm generates a hash value that consists of 64 bytes or 512 bits. Additionally, this value typically represents a string of 128 hexadecimal digits.

Example of online SHA512 Hash

Input for SHA512 Generator (before):

SHA512 Hash Online

Output SHA-512 Hash (after):