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What is XML?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a standardized way of describing data that can electronically share over the internet or corporate networks. It is a flexible format that can use by any individual, group, or company to share information in a consistent manner. XML is a simpler version of SGML, which uses to create document structures. SGML stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language. To format the XML data, use our online XML data Formatter free tool which makes it easy to understand.

What is an online XML Formatter Tool?

The online XML data Formatter tool is free to use that design for debugging purposes. XML data can be output without line breaks, making it difficult to read. This free tool helps resolve this issue by formatting the XML data into a more readable format, making it easier to debug.

How does XML Formatter free tool work?

To use this free online tool, simply paste your XML data online into the text area and then click on the “Format” button. The formatted XML data will display in the next text area.

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