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What is HTTP Headers?

HTTP headers provide a means for clients and servers to exchange extra information along with requests and responses. To form a request header, the name of the header, which is not case-sensitive, follow by a colon and the corresponding value, without any line breaks. In addition, ignore the Leading white space before the value. To Check HTTP Headers online, use our free Check Headers tool.

HTTP headers can reveal a wealth of information when analyzing web server data. These headers can identify the specific version of the server-side software, the cookie strings in use, the technologies powering the web application, and other useful data.

How to check HTTP Headers online?

With this free online tool for checking HTTP headers, you can analyze the HTTP headers that return by a web server when requesting a URL. The design tool works with both HTTP and HTTPS URLs, allowing you to inspect the headers for any website you want to analyze.

How does the Check Header tool work?

You can use the online Check HTTP Headers free tool to examine the HTTP headers that the web server sends when you request a URL. This tool is open to everyone and does not require any payment. To use the tool, simply follow the easy steps outlined below:

  • Paste the URL with http:// or https:// in the given input field above.
  • Click on the “Check” button and you will get the result in the next textarea.

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