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Result of Base64 encoding/decoding

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What is Base64?

Base64 is a type of MIME content transfer encoding that converts binary data into a numerical representation using a set of 64 characters. This encoding scheme often uses to transfer data in a format that is printable and can transmit through systems like email, which traditionally did not support 8-bit data. The choice of 64 characters for the encoding is due to the history of character set encoding and the need for a common subset of characters. By using Base64, data like images can send in email attachments or within XML files without modification in transit. For the conversion of Base64 Encode and Decode, you can use our online Base64 Encoder Decoder free tool.

What is Base64 encoding and decoding?

Base64 encoding is a way of converting binary data into a text format that can easily transmit over networks or through email messages. It works by taking a binary input and breaking it into 6-bit segments. Each of these 6-bit segments and represented by a corresponding character in the Base64 character set.

Base64 decoding is the process of converting Base64-encoded data back into its original binary format. To decode Base64 data, each character in the encoded string converts back into its corresponding 6-bit binary value. So, these binary values concatenate to form the original binary data.

Commonly use of Base64 encoding and decoding in email attachments, web development, and data transmission over the internet. It also uses in image processing applications where images represent as Base64 strings for easy transmission and embedding within web pages.

How to decode a Base64 encoded string online?

Use our online Decode Base64 encoding, you just need to paste your encoded string in the given text area above. Click on the Decode button and you will get the Decoded Base64 string.

How does Base64 encode/decode tool work?

The online Base64 encode/decode is a tool that is available for free to use and designed for the conversion of Base64 code to desired options. To use this free online tool, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Paste the text or string in the given textarea above.
  • Click on the desired (“Encode”, “Decode”) button.
  • You will get the desired string or text in the next textarea.

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